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The project also supports gender mainstreaming in the targeted beneficiaries. A gender strategy is developed and integrated throughout the project implementation activities. The adoption of the Ecosystem Approaches, sustainable livelihoods approaches and participatory planning for fisheries and aquaculture and climate change adaptation with communities ensure that the project targets and engages the beneficiaries appropriately including women. These approaches lead to a range of socio-economic benefits including the ability to better manage fisheries (co - management) and adapt to climate change impact. 

In July 2019, Basic Gender Knowledge Awareness Training was delivered (internally) to FishAdapt Project and FAO Myanmar staffs with the aim to create awareness about the need to integrate gender aspects into fisheries projects, the linkage between gender roles and community development, the linkage between gender mainstreaming and human rights, women’s participation, integration of Gender aspects into project implementation, and the UN Agencies’ interventions to promote gender equality and women’s empowerment.

Gender analysis activity was carried out at the community level in the 9 pilot villages The analysis identified gender roles and gaps in the fishing and fish farming communities analysis of gender relations, and access to and control over resources. The gender analysis activity was carried out using participatory approaches, group discussions, and individual interview methods.

Total 265 people (128 female) participated in Gender Analysis activity and the analysis report reflected the needs of the communities, including major finding, challenges and recommendation to develop the project gender action plan and strategy, and to set up the gender focal point in implementing unit to disseminate gender related information at the grassroots level.

16 days of activism Gender Awareness events at the community level were organized in Yangon, Ayeyarwaddy Region and Rakhine State. The related key messages on gender roles in the fisheries sector were delivered by General Administration Department, Department of Social Welfare, Department of Fisheries, Department of Disaster Management, Department of Rural Development and project team. The key messages focused on the needs of women in the fisheries sector, recognize the value of women roles, ensure access to and control over by women without discrimination, to enhance the women participation in decision-making role.

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