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Jose Parajua

Chief Technical Adviser (CTA, Team Leader of FishAdapt Project)

José Parajuá has an international recognised excellence on leading organisations, as well as a strong technical foundation as a general manager, with more than 30 years of international working experience in areas such as marine conservation, resources sustainability, community development, CCA, DRM, governance, capacity building and training. He has worked on fisheries and aquaculture (industrial and small scale), within different organisations and enterprises (public and private), holding increasing responsibilities.

Along his broad professional career he built an impresive professional network among different multilateral institutions as the United Nations, the European Commission, worldwide fisheries and marine resources administrations, relevant environmental and sustainability INGOs, additionally to the main seafood retailers and their suppliers and producers.

Currently he is managing the implementation of the FAO / GEF FishAdapt project in Myanmar.